The internet provides New and Exciting opportunities to create your Business From anywhere in the world, the amount of money you make and the hours you work depends on you!

People who like social networking such as Face Book, Twitter, etc. can make a living by sharing cool products to their friends. This requires zero investment when following the daily lessons on E-Biz Global. Start your path to becoming part of the On Line Business Community.

All you need to start is the self-motivation to follow the steps published in each issue of E-Biz Global and study the motivation behind each Step. The first Steps include establishing a secure payment account so you can get paid and researching a list of Business Options or Freelance Jobs. If you have a Business Idea you wish to pursue, these steps still apply to your Goal It is important to learn what lie in the E-Global World

Step 1: Sign Up A Merchant Account So You Can Get Paid

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Secure payment methods are essential for money transactions on the internet. These accounts allow you to be paid safely without handing over your Bank details; it also allows your customers secure transactions when purchasing from you. This first step is a Must and Benefits both you and your customers. There are risks when choosing merchant accounts. To avoid High Fees or Scams, E-Biz recommends the following Merchant accounts. Sign up for a Personal Account or if you already are a registered Business, upgrade your account through verification steps.